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This website was created for all the people out there who are looking to get started with hiking, rock climbing, caving rappelling and other outdoor activities.

Getting outside and moving around is a critical part of your health and sanity!  Anything from taking a walk down a park trail to scaling the side of a mountian will help you as long as you are doing it right.  It’s always good to have good equipment and the right information to get started correctly!

This website serves up facts, as well as opinions, for everyone from the outdoor beginner to the hiking warrior!

As with any activity, your mileage may vary.  Everyone has a unique situation, and for this reason, different products work different on different people.  Our editors try to do their best to showcase the best equipment knowledge and review the best products on the market  as well as tell you a bit about their background in every update on this site.

With that said, please enjoy our website, and contact us should you ever have comments, questions, or concerns.

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