Backpacking Gear List – What To Wear On A Hike?

What To Wear On A Hike

Once you have decided to go on a hike, you will need to have the right clothing and be ready for your trip. Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and explore the world. One of the biggest questions that many people have is what to wear on a hike.

Hikers will want to have something light and comfortable, allowing air to pass through the clothing and making life more comfortable.  Other items that hikers need will include the following:

  • Hiking Backpack
  • Hiking Boots
  • Camping Equipment
  • Snacks/Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Other optional items like a helmet, chair fishing rod, and so on

In the following article, we aim to help you determine what to wear on a hike. Instead of wearing your standard clothing, the article will help you see all the different options, and the buyer’s guide could ensure that you find the right clothing. Now, let’s find out what to wear on a hike to have the best experience.

What To Wear On A Hike?

Clothing is extremely important for your hiking expedition. If you don’t feel comfortable, you might not enjoy the trip, and it could be tedious to stay out in the sun for an entire day. However, when you have the right clothing and the right gear, the hiking experience will be much easier, and you could have some fun.

There are tons of top brands, but only a few of the brands are useful. As you are looking for the best hiking gear or clothing, you should look at some of the top brands on the market today. Your shirts and shorts are probably two of the most important pieces of clothing since you will be wearing them for the largest part of the journey.

Next, you also have to consider the importance of shoes. These can be some of the most expensive options on the market today. However, a comfortable shoe will make it possible to endure the strain of longer journeys and give you the ultimate comfort. There are tons of the best shoe brands that you can use for hiking.

Key Items To Wear When You Are On A Hike

Now that you have a basic understanding of what to wear on a hike, we have decided to list a few of the key items. These items are mandatory, and if you are serious about hiking, you should consider the investment. Most of these items can also be used for everyday purposes, which means they won’t be wasted when you are not hiking.

1.      Hiking Backpack

A backpack is one of the top options for hikers. Since you will need to carry all of your personal belongings, the pockets on your pants are not enough to keep all your items. There are various backpacks available on the market today, and they vary in size and price. We recommend looking for one lightweight and durable.

Here is a great guide for picking the best hiking backpack

2.      Hiking Boots

If you are serious about hiking, your boots will be one of the most important parts. You don’t always know what the trail will throw up for you to deal with. However, hiking boots will make it possible to endure most of these terrains. We recommend looking for durable boots, but they should be lightweight to reduce fatigue.

This guide will help you pick the best hiking boots for you.

3.      Upper Body

We have grouped all the upper body clothing you can choose into one section. You will need different shirts depending on the different situations. For winter hiking, you need something warm, but it also needs to wick away moisture from sweat. Numerous brands could provide shirts for hot and cold conditions.

We recommend that one always carries some form of a jacket on these trips. The weather can suddenly change, and having a warm jacket will ensure that you have some form of protection from cold weather conditions.

4.      Lower Body

You will also need to look at the clothing in the same way you would for your upper body in terms of the lower body. The clothing needs to provide protection and ensure that you can also be warm when the weather calls for warmer clothing. Many people choose to go with shorts, but long pants can work in dense areas, especially if mosquitoes are present.

Should you wear jeans when hiking?  Check this out.

5.      Thermal Socks

If you are on a long hike, one of the most important things you want to do is take care of your feet.  Because getting blisters early in a hike can make it miserable.  Having a good pair of thermal socks can make a big difference in your hike, especially when its wet out or from late fall to early spring when it’s cold out.  Check out this article to find the perfect thermal socks for your next hike!

6.      Head Protection

You will need some form of protection for your head. The sun can be very frustrating, and it should drain your energy levels. However, a basic hat can keep your head and neck protected. We still recommend that you have some form of sun lotion to reduce the risk of sunburn.  Click here to see the perfect hat for hiking!

Other Items Can Include:

Cooking Gear

If you are planning to do an overnight hike, cooking gear will be essential.  You will want items that are compact and multipurpose.  Here is a great guide to make sure that you have the right cooking gear for backpacking.

Backpacking Tent

Sometimes you may want to take a several-day hike. In that case, you’ll need a place to sleep at night.  Most tents are too bulky or heavy to take on a multiple-day hike, but few were specifically made for backpacking.  They are light and compact.  If you are looking for a backpacking tent that doesn’t weigh a lot, here is our guide for the perfect one!

Hiking Sleeping Bag

Another critical item for an overnight hike, is a compact sleeping bag.  Make sure that you get one that is warm and comfortable, but also very lightweight.  Check out this guide on hiking sleeping bags to make the perfect pick.

Backpacking Chair

If you have space in your backpack and are planning a long hike, a backpacking chair can be handy when you take breaks.  You will want to look for a specific chair for hiking, not a regular camping chair.  Here is an article that helps you pick out the perfect backpacking chair.

Backpacking Fishing Rod

Some of the best fishing spots are not easy to get to. You may need to take a hike to get there.  In that case, a good fishing pool is a perfect addition to your pack.  Check out this guide to find the best backpacking fishing rod.

Backpacking Folding Saw

If you are looking to take a longer hike where you will be camping overnight, you’ll want to make sure you bring a saw.  This can be used for firewood or just clearing an area.  Here are the best backpacking saws available!

Key Features Of Hiking Clothing

You need to keep in mind a few important things before buying any clothing for your hiking trip. The following features are what we consider to be the most important, and they should be adhered to. You can use some of these features as your buyer’s guide to buying the right clothing for your next hiking trip.


One of the first things is that the clothing needs to be durable. When looking for shirts and pants, polyester is a perfect material to consider. However, shoes are slightly more complex, and you might want to go for leather.


Since you will be looking at longer trails, the clothing should not contribute to tiring you out. It is better to have something lightweight that will reduce the strain on your body. However, it will all come down to the materials of the clothing and the features.


Finally, it does not help if you buy something you will rarely use. When looking at things like backpacks, you will need something useful that is durable and can be used throughout your hiking expeditions. It would help if you looked at the features you need and consider finding the ideal options for the cause.

What To Wear On A Hike Summary

If you wonder what to wear on a hike, you don’t need to stress anymore. There are tons of different clothing and brands available to ensure that you can find the clothing that is best suited for your specific needs. Hiking is one of the best ways to get out and relax while having some fun with friends and family in nature.

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