Best Kayak Brands

Kayak Brands

Kayaks are made and sold in a variety of models depending on their usage. The purposes of use can vary from casual paddling to fishing and competitive sports. Kayaking, along with Canoeing, is an Olympics event. You must be aware of the various types of kayaks available while choosing the right kayak brand for your use. Here are five best kayak brands listed for you (not in any specific order).

What are the best kayak brands? There are a lot of brands out there that make quality kayaks and some not so goodThese are the top 5 kayak brands:

  • Sun Dolphin
  • Vibe Kayaks
  • Advanced Elements
  • Old Town
  • Ocean Kayak

Each brand has it’s own unique qualities and featured kayak.  So let’s dive into each brand and why we consider them elite!

Sun Dolphin

This Michigan-based kayak maker offers two types of kayaks, recreational and fishing. Within these, there are the sit-in and sit-on models. The brand has models in different names, Aruba, Fiji, Bali, Capri, etc. in the recreational models and Journey, Boss, and Excursion in the fishing kayaks.

One of the top models is the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Foot Sit-In kayak. It has measurements of 10 feet length and 30-inches in width. It can carry one person and it is targeted at the beginners taking to kayaking for the first time. The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Foot Sit-In kayak is quite easy to get in and out and comfortable for hours of sitting and paddling.

The other Sun Dolphin model you may want to take a look at is the Sun Dolphin Bali SS 12-foot Sin-on top kayak. This is a model designed for fishing activities. The prices range from $500 to $800.

What makes Sun Dolphin Elite: Sun Dolphin has narrowed its focus to offer just two broad categories, one for fun and recreation and the other to paddle out and do some fishing. The choices are very clear.


Vibe Kayaks

Vibe is a newcomer to the business but has built a formidable reputation as a kayak brand. They stress on the adventure side of kayaking and have a range of kayaks to cater to both fishing and paddling.

One of the top-selling models is the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler. As the model name suggests, this is positioned as the kayak you can use for fishing. It has a seat for only one and is ‘sit on top’ variety. The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 13 feet long and is 33-inches wide and weighs 74 pounds. Maneuverability is stressed as a key attribute. It has provisions to carry your anglers and other fishing accessories. This model is priced just below $1,000.

There are models like the Vibe Yellowfin 100 kayak that sells for $600 as well. Vibe kayak also has many accessories on offer to be purchased along with the kayaks.

What makes Vibe Kayaks Elite: Vibe kayaks are known for the comfort they offer the users. You can be in the waters for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements brand kayaks are more popular for their inflatable models. The brand may not offer the high-end models professional are after, but there are other advantages in going for this brand. If your requirement is for a puncture-resistant, comfortable kayak for your paddling and other activities in water, the Advanced Elements brand does the job.

Advanced Elements’ AdvancedFrame Kayak model is quite a popular one. Since it is designed to carry up to 550 pounds, you can accommodate three people on this kayak. It is priced at $500. You can also find a slightly higher-priced AdvancedFrame Convertible inflatable kayak model from this brand.

What makes Advanced Elements Elite:: Advanced Elements is the best in inflatable kayaks. They can be folded and carried on the boot of your car or even in your backpack.


Old Town

Old Town kayaks will always figure in any list of top-ranked kayak brands. This 120-year-old canoe and kayak manufacturing company from Maine, USA, has a huge range of kayaks to choose from.

One of the popular kayaks is the Heron 9XT. This is a versatile model keeping the user’s comfort as the priority. It is easy to maneuver even in rapidly flowing rivers. You can choose the color of the kayak you want. This model starts around $500.

As you move up the price points, you can pick the Loon 126 in the $1,000-$1,100 range. For the record, Old Town has kayak models that sell up to $4,000. The top-end kayak model is Sportsman Autopilot 136 that has a seat raised above the level of the kayak. Choose the model that matches your requirements. Check the accessories that you can order along with the kayaks.

What makes Old Town Elite:: Old Town certainly brings to the table its years of experience and the diverse range of products it offers is unparalleled.


Ocean Kayak

Ocean Kayak is one of the oldest kayak brands and has positioned itself as the brand to go to if your preference is for sit-on-top kayaks. They have a whole range of kayaks with the sit-on-top seating arrangement. People with larger body structures find it uncomfortable to get in and out of the slide-inside kayaks. They have categorized their models into solo, tandem, pedal, women’s, and youth.

The Ocean Kayak Malibu 9.5 kayak model, as the name suggests, is a 9.5-foot kayak with the sit-on-top seat. The manufacturer has taken all the effort to make you comfortable while seated irrespective of your size. Looking around at other options in the Ocean Kayak brand, you can check the Women’s Venus models. They are not very different from the regular kayaks, but this is how companies market their products.

In the Youth category, for instance, they have just one model, Ocean Kayak Banzai. It is touted as a kid-friendly model and is priced around $450. Ultimately, you, as a customer, get the choices in front of you. The more, the merrier.

What makes Ocean Kayak Elite:: The Ocean Kayak brand is known for their sit-on-top models of kayaks. If you wish to go for this type of seating in a kayak, you need not look beyond this brand.


Kayak Brands Summary

If you are into investing in a kayak for just paddling around as a recreational activity or engage in some serious fishing, the kayak brands and models available are aplenty. What is required is for you to first fully understand your requirements and then start the search to match them. Any of the five kayak brands listed here can offer you the reliable quality and comfort of use. Their prices start from $400 and can go up to $4,000. Make your choice. There are several accessories, as well.


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