How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Everest?

How Long Does it Take to Climb Mt Everest

When you think of Mount Everest, you think of the epic journey that only a few people climb each year. Yet, it’s the ultimate adventure for any climber, trekker, or explorer in general.  Unfortunate many people don’t realize how long it takes to climb Mt Everest.

How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?

On average, it can take around two months in the best conditions.  Climbers usually start in late March from base camp, and they face many challenges along the way.

Let’s explore each step of the way and why it takes so long to climb Mt Everest.

Why Does it Take So Long to Climb Mt Everest?

As I mentioned previously, it could take around two months to climb Mount Everest in the best conditions. BEST!  Just imaging how long it would take in harsher conditions,s which most will see during their climb.

Why does it take so long to climb?  When you are climbing Mt Everest, you will face many challenges along the way, from extreme weather, having enough food and supplies, and even just the altitude change. 

These all impact your trek up the mountain.  If you also include trekking for two months and sleeping in a tent, you also include the mental and physical stress of trekking.  If you don’t pace yourself, you will completely drain your body and many breakdowns from this.

What is the Climbing Season For Mount Everest?

As you can imagine, it is not an option to climb Mount Everest year-round. Instead, you must wait for the ideal conditions, which generally start in late March, with the first climbers reaching the summit in mid-May.

In 2017, the first climber reached the summit on May 11th, and over the next month, almost 500 other climbers reached the peak.

Permits to climb the mount expire on June 1st, so as you can see, there is a concise window each year to climb the mountain.  

How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Everest

What are Some of the Challenges Climbers Will Face?

There are many challenges a climber will face when attempting to climb Mount Everest.  Below are the most common ones, but trust me, there are a lot more.


Altitude has a severe impact on your body the higher and higher you go.  If you watch professional sports, you can’t help but notice the impact altitude has on players when they travel to Denver.  These are professional athletes that are struggling at 5,280 feet.

Imagine how much they would struggle climbing to the summit of Mt Everest, which is 29,029 feet.  This allows one of the biggest challenges with the climb and why so many people fail.


Even if you start your voyage at the ideal time, late March, where can be a huge factor in your climb?  

From the simple temperature changes between the base camp and the summit.  To the intense wind on the side of the mountain.  Not to mention the unpredictable snowstorms throughout the journey.  Weather is a significant concern during your climb that can cause injuries and frostbite.


When you are climbing for two months, you will need many food and other supplies along the journey. So think about carrying enough food to keep you energized for that much hiking and climbing.

Thankfully, there are a few stations along the route, and I stress a few. However, even with the camps to replenish your supplies, this is a significant challenge once you are past the last camp and starting the long climb to the summit.

Other Challenges

There is a wide range of other challenges from injuries, avalanches, and other issues that you could face from stressing your body to the max.

Another significant challenge before you you head out on the adventure.  There is not a requirement that you prove you have spent at least $35,000 on supplies (average supplies cost over $50,000) before you have approved to attempt to climb the mountain.

Why Climb Mount Everest?

After reading through all of those challenges, you are probably asking yourself, “Why would anyone ever climb Mt Everest?”  And the honest answer is that 99% of the world will never even attempt the journey.

But there are around 1000 people every year that attempt to climb this mountain.  And only about 500 of those succeed.

When asked why they set out on this impossible task, many people did it for the challenge—the dream of completing the ultimate adventure. However, just being part of that elite club of people that successfully reached the summit is reason enough to go against all of the challenges listed before.

This will give you a quick glimpse of what the trek up Mount Everest is like.  Can you imagine those views?

Mount Everest Summary

Yes, it can take two months to climb, and there are several huge challenges to cover come.  But for those that complete the journey, say it was worth the risk.

The question that you have to ask yourself are you up to the challenge?  If not, you may want to see the movie Everest in an IMAX theater instead.

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