How Much Are Kayak Rentals?

How Much Are Kayak Rentals

Only a small number of people are avid kayakers that love to buy their kayaks when they hit the water. There are many benefits to having your own kayak, including the customization aspects of the kayak. However, some people only want to rent a kayak now and again, which has led to the question of; “How Much Are Kayak Rentals?

It can be expensive to buy a kayak, but renting kayaks tend to be far more affordable and a great investment if you are not experienced in the sport. Rental kayaks are perfect for beginners to get to grips with the kayak and the skills needed to perform with it. If you want to save and exploring, you might want to consider renting a kayak.

Kayak prices vary, especially when it comes to rentals, but we have done some research to try and find the aggregate price for rental kayaks. Now, you can decide if you want to buy a kayak or if you want to rent a kayak. Generally, rental kayaks are recommended for beginners or occasional kayakers.

Overview Of How Much Are Kayak Rentals?

When looking for a rental kayak, you will need to consider how long you are going to use it. Most kayak rentals are tied to a time limit and you need to have the kayak back to the rental shop before your time runs out. It will also affect the price. The longer you rent a kayak, the more expensive it will be, but it can be cheaper per hour.

When looking at the prices, you also need to understand that they will vary depending on the shop and the location. Some of the information we found is that you can rent a single kayak for around $35 for half a day. However, when you hire the same kayak for a full day, it will be $45, which makes it cheaper to rent it for a full day.

As you choose different and bigger kayaks, you will also find that they are more expensive. When determining the rental price for a kayak, the shop owner needs to keep maintenance in mind, as well as the cost of replacing it. This needs to be balanced with making a profit to keep the business sustainable as well.

Different Types Of Kayaks And The Rental Cost

As mentioned, not all kayaks have the same price and there are tons of different kayaks available. The more professional the kayak is, the more expensive it will be. However, renting a kayak is still a great way to find out if you like kayaking. Buying a high-end kayak can cost you anywhere from $500 upwards:

1.      Sit on Top Kayak

Average Price: $50

The sit-on-top kayak is the most common kayak you will find. These kayaks have a seat that allows you to sit at a higher elevation. It means you can move around on the kayak and do the things that you need to. It is also easier for most people, especially beginners to learn the ropes with one of these sit-on-top kayaks.

When it comes to pricing, you will pay around $50 if you want to rent the kayak. However, if you only rent it for a couple of hours, you might find it a little cheaper. Keep in mind that you won’t get to rent the best of the best. Carbon fiber kayaks tend to be far more expensive to buy and rent.

2.      Whitewater Kayak

Average Price: $70

Whitewater rafting is an exhilarating experience and there are plenty of people that want the experience. To get the experience, you will need the right kayak. These kayaks are narrower and more durable, which means you cannot use any standard kayak.

To rent one of these kayaks, you can expect to pay a little more, and from what we have found the average price is around $70 per day. Much like the other kayaks, you can expect a reduced price when it comes to renting it for more days.

3.      Single Inflatable Kayak

Average Price: $40-$45

The single inflatable kayaks are some of the cheapest you can find. Not only are they cheap to rent, but they are also cheap to buy. These kayaks are not as durable as your rotomolded plastic kayaks, but they offer you great floatation.

Generally, you can rent them for around $40 to $45 for an entire day. It will come down to the location and shop owner.

4.      Tandem (two-person) Kayak

Average Price: $100

Most people love to take their family and friends on a trip kayaking. If you want more than one person on your kayak, you might need a tandem kayak. These are some of the largest kayaks that allow you to carry up to two or even three people.

These are the most expensive kayaks and you might find that renting one of them can be up to $100 for an entire day.

Is It Better To Buy Or Rent A Kayak?

For most people, renting a kayak is the best option. If you are only going to use it once or twice a year, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new kayak. However, those that hit the water more often, might need to consider buying one. You have so much more versatility and you can buy a better kayak than you could ever rent.

Better kayaks have more features and they enable you to do more things. Having accessories on the kayak is what makes the biggest difference, especially for anglers. We would recommend that if you regularly hit the water for kayaking that you consider buying a kayak instead of renting.

Kayak Rentals Summary

If you love the outdoors and want to spend some time on the water, a rental kayak can be a great addition to your trip. The rental kayaks are great for beginners and with an expert, you can quickly learn some of the ropes. Let us know in the comment section if you would rather buy or rent a kayak.

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