How Much Does A Rock Climbing Wall Cost?

How Much Does A Rock Climbing Wall Cost

If you are serious about rock climbing and you don’t want to join a fitness club, you always have the opportunity to build your rock climbing wall. Nowadays, almost all the tools you will need can be readily found, and when you have enough available space, the only question you should have is; “How Much Does a Rock Climbing Wall Cost?”

The price will vary, and it can be anywhere from $200 to $2000, depending on what you need for the wall and how much space you have available. Additionally, the tools will be the most expensive part with the materials, but fortunately, the tools are multifunctional, and you can use them for other chores when you are done with the wall.

Since building your own rock-climbing wall for indoor bouldering can vary depending on your available space and resources, we have done some research to help you find the right tools. With the right tools, you will only need the materials, which we will also touch on in the article to help you ensure that you can start building your rock-climbing wall in no time at all.

Items You’ll Need To Build A Personal Climbing Wall

If you have the skills and knowledge on how to proceed when building a rock-climbing wall, there are a couple of items you will need. In the following section, we have listed a couple of these items and you should be able to find all the tools you might need. Here are some of the most important items you will need to build a rock-climbing wall.

1.      ACX Plywood

acx plywood

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Bottom Line: There are various forms of wood that one could use. However, plywood with a thickness of at least ¾ of an inch should be more than enough to ensure your wall is durable and sturdy. Once you buy the wood, you will notice that studs are needed to keep the wood in place. The studs are often included as part of the package, but you can pay around $4 to $9 for a pack of these studs. if not

2.      T.K.Excellent Phillips Flat Head Wood Screws Kit

T.K.Excellent Phillips Flat Head Wood Screws Kit

Where to Get It – Check it out on Amazon

Bottom Line: The T.K.Excellent Phillips Flat Head Wood Screws Kit is a complete screw kit that features a flat head. The flat head means you can use a hammer to put the screws into the wood without fear of damaging them. We have selected the kit for the variety of available screws, which you can use depending on the plywood. The joints are part of the package in many cases, but you will pay around $1 per joint separately.

3.      POWERTEC 5/16″-18 x 3/8″ QTN1103 4 Pronged Tee Nuts

POWERTEC 5/16"-18 x 3/8" QTN1103 4 Pronged Tee Nuts

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Bottom Line: The POWERTEC 5/16″-18 x 3/8″ QTN1103 Pronged Tee Nuts is a small pack of 50, but it is also affordable. You will want to use the T nuts to secure the paneling to the framework. However, you will need to drill holes to secure these t-nuts. It is often better to have more t-nuts when you feel like changing the layout of the wall.

4.      Atomik Climbing Holds

Atomik Climbing Holds

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Bottom Line: The climbing holds are one of the most important parts of your climbing experience. These will serve as the handles that you step on and use to pull yourself up. There are around 25 – 40 climbing holds per 8 x 4 panel when looking at most climbing walls. However, these can be adjusted due to the t-nuts added to rearrange the climbing pattern.

5.      Amazon Basics 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Amazon Basics 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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Bottom Line: Since you will be climbing, you will need to make sure you have a soft landing spot. Should something go wrong, it is important that you can fall back and be safe. While you can use old mattresses, the Amazon Basics 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is one of the comfortable mattresses that will break your fall. Many people choose to stack older mattresses, but it does not remain reliable once a mattress is worn.

6.      Protocol AX Multi Tool-Ax

Protocol AX Multi Tool-Ax

Where to Get It – Check it out on Amazon

Bottom Line: Most people already have the tools they need to do the job. You don’t need anything special, and when it comes to cutting the wood, you can order the wood already cut in specific sizes to make it more comfortable for your building adventures. Additionally, you will need a hammer and a measuring tape to ensure that your work is accurate.

While most of us already have these tools in our homes, you don’t need to go out and buy brand-new tools. Since you will try to keep it as affordable as possible, you can use some of the older tools or even borrow them if needed. However, when you buy each of these tools, you might need to have an additional $200. However, you will be using them over and over.

Additional Tips

While building the wall inside your home is often the best and safest option, there are a few other alternatives to consider. Many people also build the wall next to the swimming pool, which doubles down as a mattress to catch you if you might fall to the ground. It is important to make sure that the wall is stable as falling outside is dangerous.

Finally, if you don’t want to build the wall for yourself, you can use the same tips and tools to build something smaller for your kit. Many children love climbing, and having a small climbing wall is a great way to ensure they work on strength. Additionally, it will also make the child more comfortable in these situations when starting from a young age.

Rock Climbing Wall Cost Summary

Rock climbing is an expensive sport when you talk about the gear and go shopping for the gear. However, if you want to build your own rock-climbing wall, you will notice that it is affordable. We hope this guide makes it easier for you to enjoy your hobby at home, but let us know in the comment section if we have missed anything important.

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