How To Transport Two Kayaks In A Truck?

How To Transport Two Kayaks In A Truck

While it is fun to spend some time on the lake and play with your kayak, transportation is often an issue when it comes to kayaks. A truck is often the most comfortable mode of transport for the kayak. Since it has a large rear storage area, the kayak should slide into the truck and make it possible for you and your friends to go kayaking.

However, not all trucks are the same, and you often need to understand how to set up the kayak in your truck to make the transportation process easier. It is often the case that you can damage the kayak truck and the following article aims to introduce you to how you need to go about transporting your kayak.

There are many different ways you can go about storing two kayaks in a truck. One of the favorites is to set them side by side if your truck bed is large enough. Additionally, you can stack them on top of one another with a protected sheet in between. After reading this article, you should know how to haul two kayaks in your truck.

How To Transport Two Kayaks In A Truck? (Step-By-Step Guide)

If you have the right truck bed and you want to transport your kayaks on the truck bed, you can follow the guide that we have designed. The following guide will entail exactly how you need to go about setting up the truck. Here is the guide you could use for setting up your truck to transport two kayaks.

1.      Preparing The Truck Bed

You must have enough space on the truck bed, and since you might have plenty of accessories on the truck bed, you might need to spend some time removing them. Having a rubber mat for the kayaks will allow the water to escape and protect the kayaks and truck bed from one another.

2.      Loading Of The First Kayak

Once the bed is prepared, you will need to load the kayaks. Generally, your kayaks will be longer than your truck bed, which means you need to open the tailgate. Once the tailgate is opened, you and your friend could lift the kayak and set it on the bed. A bed extender could help load the kayak.

If you don’t want the kayak hanging over the tailgate, you can angle the kayak from one corner to another.

3.      Loading Of The Second Kayak

Loading the second kayak will come down to what you have done with the first kayak. If the first kayak is on its side, you should be able to slide the second kayak in next to it. However, if the kayaks are more than 10-feet, you might need to set them up on top of one another. Using a rubber cover, you can cover the kayaks from one another.

4.      Securing The Kayaks

Whether you have them hanging over the tailgate or inside the truck bed, you need to secure the kayaks. If they are not secured, the kayaks could slide around and damage the truck’s sides and the kayak. Using a standard set of straps, you can secure the kayaks to the sidewalls of the trucks. This will ensure that you don’t need to deal with damaged kayaks.

How Many Kayaks Can Fit In A Truck?

It is not that easy to determine how many kayaks will fit in a truck. There are different kayaks, which all range in size. Additionally, trucks vary from one another, and many of them are slightly bigger than the smaller trucks. However, the average should be two. Most trucks will hold around two kayaks comfortably for travel.

Keep in mind that there are different accessories, which means you can load more into your truck. Smaller kayaks, which have been designed for children, might be foldable, and some of them will fit into small spaces. However, adult kayaks should be limited to two kayaks in a single trip on your truck bed if you don’t have extenders.

Key Items You Will Need For Hauling 2 Kayaks In A Truck

Once you are ready with your truck and want to buy some important accessories to make transporting your kayak easier, the following list should be worth your read. We have some of the most important aspects. Now, you can have all the equipment for transporting two kayaks to the lake for a day out:

  • Pickup Truck: You will need this to transport the kayaks comfortably.
  • Securing straps: The straps will secure the kayaks and ensure that they remain in place
  • Kayaks around 10-12 feet: Kayaks longer than 12-feet can be uncomfortable for you to transport.
  • A rubber mat for the floor of the truck: The rubber mat will protect the floor of the kayak.  Here is a good one that you can get on Amazon.
  • Rubber cover to place between two kayaks: The cover could ensure that the kayaks do not damage one another.
  • Different tools: Different tools might be needed to set up different aspects of kayak accessories.
  • Truck bed extender: The truck bed extender will make it much easier to transport the kayaks and load them up.  Here is one that we recommend!

There are many more different things you might need. However, we have selected the most important items for those that want to travel with two kayaks. Additional accessories might not necessarily be important, and as we have mentioned, some of the basic accessories found on the truck bed can even be removed.

How To Transport Two Kayaks In A Truck Summary

The pickup truck is one of the best transportation modes, especially when you need to transport accessories. If you have two kayaks, these trucks can work wonders, and you can often adjust them to make it possible and more comfortable to transport the kayaks.

We would love to read some of your thoughts on the top kayaks and methods used for transportation. Let us know how you transport two kayaks in your truck or if you have any innovative ideas for transportation in your car.

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