Should You Wear A Bathing Suit Kayaking?

Should you wear a bathing suit kayaking

If you have a love for water and the outdoors, kayaking is one of the things you need to try. It is a versatile activity that can be used for commuting, cruising, and fishing if you have the right gear. However, you must have the right clothing to ensure you are safe. One common question is, “Should you wear a bathing suit kayaking?”

Kayakers should wear a bathing suit or at least some clothing form that will dry out rapidly when it gets wet. Since the elements can change and the kayak can tip, it can be cold when you are on the kayak, and your clothing takes ages to dry out. Hypothermia might even become a risk in certain conditions.

Aside from wearing a bathing suit, there are many other forms of clothing that you can wear when you are kayaking. In the following article, we aim to explore some of the common gear and clothing that are almost mandatory to ensure safe kayaking. Now, you will have all the knowledge for your kayaking journey.

Why Is It Important To Wear A Bathing Suit Or Quick Drying Clothing?

You can wear whichever clothing you like the most when kayaking, but the bathing suit is one of the most comfortable and readily available for kayakers.  A bathing suit is designed from thin materials, and it will absorb and wick away moisture in a fraction of the time it might take the nylon in your jeans to do the same.

If you don’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit, there are many other options to consider. However, it would help if you made sure that the clothing will dry out rapidly. As mentioned, the weather might be cold, and when you have wet clothing, it can lead to hypothermia. Many people can even catch a cold when exposed to cold conditions for too long.

There are many forms of quick-drying clothes, and your gym clothing is one of these. It might not look like swimming clothes, but the full protection is great for taking on the sun and the other elements. Since it wicks away sweat from training, it should rapidly wick away the water, and the sun should, in theory, dry it out faster than other clothes.

4 Other Things You Should Wear Or Take With You When Kayaking

Now that you have seen the importance of the bathing suit, other things are just as important to take along when kayaking. We have tried to limit this to important pieces of clothing and not gear. These clothing forms are not mandatory, but they are helpful for certain kayaking situations and traverse the elements.

1.      Life Jacket

The life jacket is one of the most important articles you can take along, and yes, we consider it to be one of the mandatory items. Aside from being designed to dry out rapidly, the life jacket is lightweight and will float in the water. Should you accidentally tip the kayak and you cannot swim, the life jacket will save your life.

You should always wear a life jacket when you set your foot on any boat or kayak. Even if you consider yourself a strong swimmer, many of us have no experience when it comes to dealing with currents. The currents can take you to deeper water, and when you lose control, you could go under. However, the kayak will keep your head above water.

2.      Water

While this might not be gear items, it is one of the most important things to take along a kayaking journey. You might think that you have a lot of water around you, but you need clean drinking water. Drinking water from a lake could lead to severe diarrhea, which could further dehydrate you and negatively affect your body.

It would help if you took more than enough water on the kayaking trip. You might get lost, or when you need to stay in a certain location for some time, you will have your water to keep you fully hydrated. We recommend taking at least around 6-liters of water for each person on the kayak.

3.      Sun Protection

When you are sitting on the kayak, you are completely exposed to the elements, and the elements could damage if you are not prepared. When looking at sun protection, there are a few things to consider. You can have an umbrella to ensure the sun is kept out of the kayak, but this will affect the kayak performance.

Normal suntan lotion is a good option, and when you add a basic baseball cap to the mix, you should be able to protect your neck and a large part of your face. If you get sunburn on the kayak, it will be a tedious expedition to get back to land, and you might even feel sick for a couple of days afterward.

4.      Warm Clothing

A jacket and other forms of warm clothing are important to ensure you remain safe on the kayak. The weather might turn at a dime, and you won’t have time to rush back to the side and change your clothing. Most kayaks have hatches, and if the hatches are waterproof, you can use them to store some of your extra layers.

We recommend looking for jackets and raincoats that are impervious to the weather conditions. If the jacket can keep you warm while keeping the rain out of the jacket, you will remain dry on the inside.

Should You Wear A Bathing Suit Kayaking Summary

Wearing the right clothing and having the right gear will make a kayaking journey doable and more fun. The right gear will ensure you are sufficiently protected, and a bathing suit is one of the easiest to get your hands on. Let us know in the comment section if there are any alternatives you think we might have missed.

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