Should You Wear Jeans On A Hike?

Should You Wear Jeans On A Hike

Jeans are one of the most useful pieces of clothing one could have in their closet. However, it is not always the best option for hiking. Jeans can be versatile and useful, with many people opting to choose denim for outdoor events. Nevertheless, some of the more expensive hikers have been asking, “should you wear jeans on a hike?”

Jeans might be comfortable for everyday use. They are not always the best option for hikers. Jeans are made from cotton, and while cotton is one of the most comfortable materials for daily activities, it is super absorbent. This means that the jeans will absorb a lot of water and moisture, which makes hiking harder.

Fortunately, we have done some in-depth research on jeans and tried to determine whether jeans are an effective option for hikers. The following article will explore deeper and look at denim and whether you should wear it for hiking. Once you have read the article, it should be clearer when deciding if you want to wear a jean for your hiking expeditions.

Why Is It Important To Wear Jeans Or Long Pants When Hiking?

The outdoors can be a dangerous space if you are not careful and must wear the right clothing. When you are hiking, it is important to consider something durable, which offers the best possible protection. We would explore numerous alternatives, but here are a few reasons to wear long pants for hiking trips.

  • Lower Leg Protection: There are numerous bugs and other carnivorous animals out in the wild, which tend to target your body. It is much better to have a long pair of pants to ensure that your body’s lower part is protected.
  • Keeps You Warm: On colder days, many people resort to wearing short clothing to keep themselves warm. However, it is not always the best option in the long term, and you might want to wear longer clothing to keep you warm for prolonged periods.
  • Storage Space: One of the features that many people neglect is their storage space, and they believe everything will fit in the backpack. Longer pants tend to have deeper and longer pockets that will make them more spacious over the long term.
  • Universal: Yes, these longer pants are universal, and you don’t always need to wear them when hiking. Many situations allow you to wear them for everyday purposes, which means you have a versatile pair of pants.
  • Looks Better: Whether you believe it or not, longer pants look more professional when hiking. Many expert hikers will always have long pants, with women preferring to gravitate towards tights in the modern era.
  • Durable: Last but certainly not least, there is an element of durability to the long pants, and these pants will make it more comfortable to use them in the long run. They have little to no weaknesses compared to the short pants.

No matter where you are planning your next trip, it is important that you wear the right clothing and especially the right pants to get the job done. Longer pants are a great option to choose from. However, we don’t recommend the jean due to cotton’s absorption properties, which could be frustrating to deal with.

 5 Other Things You Should Wear When Hiking

Once you have your hiking pants set and ready, you will only be halfway with your hiking gear. There are numerous other forms of hiking gear you could use, and these are also important to consider.

Head over to our Beginners Guide for Hiking Gear to get a full list of equipment you should have when hiking or backpacking.

We have tried to identify a couple of the most important pieces of gear that could make your life much easier when you are hiking:

1.      Hiking Shirts

One of the most important things to consider is the hiking shirts. There are many different options, and in warm weather, many people prefer short sleeves. However, the long sleeves are similar to the long pants and offer more versatility to ensure you are fully covered and protected. It is much easier to hike with longer sleeves in cold weather.

2.      Jackets

When the weather is warm, many people forget to add jackets to their kit. However, the weather on a hiking trip can take a turn for the worse at any second. However, a solid jacket made from nylon or polyester could be useful. These jackets are lightweight, and they have decent ventilation to ensure you remain cool in hot conditions.

3.      Hiking Shoes/Boots

Footwear is probably the most important piece of clothing you will wear on your body. Shoes will constantly be taking the strain from the terrain and your feet. However, you can choose the most comfortable shoes for shorter trips. Unfortunately, longer trips might require you to wear solid boots that are far more durable and resistant.

4.      Ponchos

As mentioned, the rain or wet weather can take over at any moment, and you will need to be prepared. With the right clothing, you can continue your hike in the wet. The poncho is an effective tool to wear, and you can wear it over all your clothing. It will keep all your clothing dry and provide you with additional weather protection.

5.      Head Protection

Finally, you also need to consider some form of hat or head protection to ensure that your head remains protected from the sun. A standard baseball cap is a great option, but numerous types of hats can also work. You should at least have one hat to ensure that your head is fully protected from the elements.

Should You Wear Jeans On A Hike Summary

By now, you should be ready with all the gear and the clothing you need to continue hiking and exploring. Wearing a jean might seem like an attractive option. However, the jean could be sticky, and it takes quite some time to dry out. In essence, we would not recommend that you wear a jean when you are hiking.

Need Help Preparing for a Hike or Backpacking Trip?

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