What Are The Average Cave Temperatures Around The World?

What Are The Average Cave Temperatures Around The World

There thousands of caves around the world. Some of them have been here for millenniums, while others are newly formed by corrosion and nature. The fact of the matter is that no two caves are the same, and much like the features of these caves are different, neither are the temperatures. This has led us to find out What Are the Average Cave Temperatures.

The temperature for caves vary, and it is hard to give one specific answer that will accommodate every cave. In warm places like Africa, the caves are warmer when compared to places like Russia, where the average temperature can be below freezing. The location of the cave makes the biggest difference to the temperature you will experience.

This article will look at some of the most notorious countries and some of their caves. We will look at some of the regions in the country and determine what the average temperature for caves in that region could be. If you prefer warm or cold weather, you should be able to find the right cave temperature you can deal with.

6 Average Cave Temperatures Around The World

As mentioned, every cave has different features, and due to the region and location, it will impact the overall temperature inside the cave. If you plan on visiting caves, it is beneficial to know these temperatures. It should help you be better prepared. Here are some of the most common cave temperatures from around the world:

1.      United States

Average Temperature: 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit

The United States is probably one of the hardest countries to find an average temperature for. The country has plenty of regions, and when you move from the East to The West, it might feel like visiting an entirely new country. In the southern part of the US, you might find warmer and more humid temperatures. However, in the Northeast, you have colder winters and milder temperatures. Here are a few cave regions and their temperatures to give you an idea:

Midwest50-60 degrees

Keep in mind that you might have a lot of humidity in certain regions like the East, making the temperatures feel much hotter than it is.

2.      United Kingdom

Average Temperature: 48-50 degrees

Much like the United States, the UK has various countries that each have their own caves. Due to this, the temperatures tend to vary. However, the average temperature in the UK is very similar across all of these countries, which might give you a better average. Here are some of the average temperatures per country in the UK.


Keep in mind that rainfall is quite high in the United Kingdom, and you might find significant changes in the temperature at certain times of the year.

3.      Europe

Average Temperature: 34-63 degrees

Instead of looking at each country, which might take ages, we have grouped the entirety of Europe into this section. Europe has a large variant in temperatures from the North to the South, with southern countries closer to the equator. It might vary a lot depending on the time of year you visit, but here is a small breakdown of each region:

Northern Europe37-degrees
Southern Europe62-degrees
Western Europe50-degrees
Eastern Europe50-degrees

The Northern part of Europe includes countries like Sweden and Iceland, which means that it is closer to the Arctic. Due to this, these temperatures can plummet, and in certain areas, they remain low. However, closer to the Mediterranean, temperatures are more consistent.

4.      Australia

Average Temperature: 50-80 degrees

Australia is probably one of the easiest countries to prepare for. While it is also considered a continent, the temperatures are mostly hot. Most of the caves are also located inland, with the coastal areas being a common place for residents. Due to the temperatures in the country being so consistent, it is easier to determine what temperatures you might have to deal with.

Western Australia70-degrees
Eastern Australia60-degrees
Southern Australia60-degrees
Northern Australia50-degrees

The Western part of Australia is one of the hottest parts of the country and one reason many people flock to the east. However, in the center of the country, the temperatures can soar past 100-degrees due to the warm and dry climate. Humidity is also one of the important things to keep in mind.

5.      Africa

Average Temperature: Approximately 50-100 degrees (certain area with constant war is hard to determine, and we only have some speculation)

Africa probably has the biggest disparity in cave temperatures, and this is due to the different regions. In the north, you have caves in Egypt from the old Egyptian era, whereas temperatures and South Africa are much more manageable. The East is still ravaged by war, making it untapped, and the West is on the equator. Even the Central part of Africa has hot and humid caves.

Northern Africa71-degrees
Eastern Africa63-degrees (using Tanzania)
Western Africa60-degrees
Southern Africa60-degrees
Central Africa65-degrees

There are plenty of caves spread throughout Africa and in a certain area of the South; you have extremely cold mountain ranges that will drastically affect the temperatures. However, the average temperatures of caves in Africa tend to be much warmer than in many other places worldwide.

6.      Russia

Average Temperature: 32- 50 degrees

Finally, we look at one of the coldest regions in the world. Russia is constantly barraged by cold weather, and you have to traverse a lot of snow. Due to the cold temperatures above ground, Russia has some of the coldest caves in the world. The average temperature remains the same throughout the country for the most part.

Average Cave Temperatures Around The World Summary

Caving can be fun, but if you understand the significance of temperature and how it will affect your journey, you will be better prepared. These are only some of the common caving regions worldwide, and you will find many more. Let us know in the comment section which areas you would like to visit.

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Average Cave Temperatures Around The World

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