What Are The Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet?

Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Hiking and backpacking are two of the easiest ways to spend some time in nature and get away from the rush of the city. While many people enjoy small hiking routes with a beginner difficulty rating, many experts enjoy a challenge. The best climbing shoes are ideal for making it easier to scale up mountains and enjoy your journey.

However, not everyone will make use of the same shoes.  What Are The Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet?

The best climbing shoes for wide feet are much more comfortable for larger individuals. Once the shoes are comfortable, they can also help you avoid potential cramping and many other forms of pain that people often experience when hiking for prolonged distances.

To select the best climbing shoes for wide feet, you will look for something durable with solid construction material. The inner sole should be EVA or memory foam to make it more comfortable. Additionally, the best climbing shoes are designed with a wide toe box to ensure you have ultimate comfort with wider feet.

Key Features To Look For In Climbing Shoes That Are Good For Wide Feet

Before looking at which of the shoes are the best on the market today. You need to understand which features are the most important. The following features are most important to ensure you have the best climbing shoes for wide feet. It should ensure that you have decent value for your money:


The fit is one of the most important parts of the shoe. If the shoe is comfortable, it will reduce the risk of injury and ensure you have more comfort. You will need to look at the different sizes and choose the most comfortable size. Many of the top brands might be a bit oversized or often undersized in many cases.


Many of these shoes will stretch around your feet. However, the main areas of the heel and toe box are often fixed in their design. It would help if you found an ergonomic shoe, which conforms to the shape of your feet.


There are tons of different materials used for shoes. However, it would be best to find something that will last you through your rock climbing journey. For these shoes, it is often better to consider something lightweight and durable. Rubber is one of the best materials, adding flexibility to the shoe and design’s overall shape.


While it might technically be part of the durability aspect, weatherproof technology can take many forms. These shoes need to be breathable when you spend long hours in them. However, they also need to be weatherproof. It is important that the shoes can resist water and retain the outer sole’s grip when climbing.


Ventilation might not be something you look at as one of the top options. However, a ventilated shoe will ensure that air can pass through the small enclosures. Having a ventilated shoe will be more comfortable over the long run. Mesh is often the best material to ensure water is kept out and your shoe is ventilated.


If you are not someone who spends a lot of time climbing, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on your shoes. However, the more you are willing to spend, the more value you will get for your money. It tends to give you more valuable features that could make life much easier as a rock climber when it is a better shoe.

Top 3 Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Now that you have seen the top features for selecting these shoes, you might wonder which of these shoes are the best. The following options are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market today. We have selected three of the very best options on the market today to ensure that you are comfortable while climbing:

Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

Where to Get It – Check it out on Amazon

Price: $189.00


  • 2-part sole for extra flexibility
  • It fits straight out of the box
  • Single strap enclosure
  • Vibram Outer Sole
  • Lightweight


  • Undersized by 1 size

Bottom Line: The Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe is a flexible shoe, which features a two-part outer sole. The outer sole will make it more flexible and easier to wear. Additionally, it is lightweight and fits straight out of the box. Keep in mind that you will need to endure a standard break-in period before they become comfortable.

BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock/Indoor Climbing Shoes

Where to Get It – Check it out on Amazon

Price: $154.99


  • ABS injected midsole
  • High-powered heel design for climbing comfort
  • All-purpose shoe design
  • Unisex shoe


  • ½ a size oversized

Bottom Line: If you want a comfortable shoe for different sporting events, the BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock/Indoor Climbing Shoes are ideal for your needs. The ABS-injected mold will mold the shoe to the shape of your foot and provide you with comfort. Additionally, these shoes are also more affordable than some of the competitors.

La Sportiva Men’s Low Top Shoes

Where to Get It – Check it out on Amazon

Price: $95.00


  • Durable synthetic leather upper
  • Double strap enclosure
  • Soft and flexible
  • Very affordable


  • Massively oversized
  • Painful break-in period

Bottom Line: Finally, we have selected the La Sportiva Men’s Low top Shoes as one of the beginners’ top options. These shoes are comfortable and lightweight while featuring a durable upper. The synthetic leather might be a bit stiff, but it should give you tons of durability. We would recommend it for beginners that love rock climbing.

Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet Summary

The best climbing shoes for wide feet will be a good investment for outdoor lovers and those interested in climbing. However, these shoes tend to be versatile, which means they can also be used for working out in the gym. The options we selected are top options, with the Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe being one of the best options.

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