What Are The Best Foods To Take Camping?

What Are The Best Foods To Take Camping

If you have clicked on this article, chances are that you already love camping and you want to have some fun in the wilderness. However, caving is not only about spending time outside and you often have to deal with food as well. This has led to the question of “What are the Best Foods to Take Camping?”

When looking for food to take camping, you want something small and portable. If the product does not spoil that is even better and you will be able to keep it for much longer. Processed foods are often the most common due to the preservatives that will extend the lifespan and you will also find that you can get decent nutrients from them.

To help you pack the right foods for your next camping trip, we have created this article. We will focus on some of the most common food types that are available on the market today. We have chosen these common foods to keep them affordable for you as well. However, you will understand which foods are the best for camping.

7 of the Best Foods to Take Camping

As mentioned, the foods we are focusing on will be accessible and you should be able to find them at almost any store. This section aims to provide you with affordable foods that will help you stay fed when you are camping. Here are some of the top foods that you should rely on when it comes to camping:

1.      Canned Foods

One of the most common foods we find people taking when they are camping is canned foods. Canned foods are designed to withstand being stored and they have plenty of preservatives to keep them as fresh as possible. Tuna and canned chicken are two of the best foods due to the high value of nutrients they have.

However, you can also look at foods like beans and these foods have plenty of protein that makes them a great alternative to meat. They are also versatile, which means you can eat them raw or cook them. They can be served as the centerpiece of a meal, or you can use them to complement your meals and serve as a side dish.

2.      Crackers

Crackers are often seen as a snack and when you take them camping, you can use them as a snack. The great thing about crackers is that they don’t need to be stored in a cold environment and you can simply carry them in your backpack. They might not be as nutritious as many of the other foods, but they will be filling.

3.      Jerky

We all love some jerky and it is one of the foods that is packed with protein. Since it is meat that has been dried with salt, it will be great as a meal or a snack. Jerky is a versatile food type that can be mixed with other foods or you can eat it just the way it is, but it is also preserved with plenty of salt to ensure longevity.

We have also noticed that many people like cooking the jerky and serving it with some vegetables or any other meals. It will combine well to ensure that you have something nutritious you can eat. Unfortunately, jerky is expensive, and creating your own jerky can be very time-consuming.

4.      Veggie Sticks

We all need some form of vegetables to ensure that we get all the nutrients we need to survive. Vegetables are great for your body and your digestive system and it has plenty of fiber that will keep you going. Veggie sticks might not be fresh vegetables, but it has a great taste and some of the nutrients you will find in veggies.

You can use these veggie sticks are a side food as well. When combining some of these foods, you will find that you can create a nutritious meal without even cooking. We would recommend veggie sticks for their affordability and the nutrients. However, you should not rely on them for all your food intake during a camping trip.

5.      Instant Foods

Chances are that you will have some form of cooler to keep your foods fresh for as long as possible. If you don’t have an electric cooler, you are probably going to use some of the ice packs. Instant foods can often be great, but they need refrigeration for the most part and you will need to make sure that you keep them cool.

The best way to do this is to put your instant foods at the top to ensure that you can consume them first. They should not take too much time to prepare and once they are done, you can move to some of the foods that are better preserved.

6.      Ramen Noodles

If you have cooking tools and you know how to create fast and simple dishes, ramen noodles can be one of your best friends. You can carry plenty of ramen noodles when you are camping and they are often lightweight. Ramen noodles are a tried and tested food source that many people like to carry along on their camping trips.

It is also one of the most versatile foods and you will notice that it can be mixed to create great dishes. As we have mentioned, you can combine almost all of these foods and create some good dishes that will fill you up.

7.      Soups

Finally, you might find yourself camping in cold conditions and soups are some of the best foods that will keep you warm. Instead of making your soups, you can find plenty of soup packets and these can be used during the day. They can also be mixed with other foods to create more flavor and spice up your dishes.

What Are The Best Foods To Take Camping Summary

Camping can be a great time away from the world. However, you also need to make sure that you are prepared and you have enough food to sustain yourself. These foods should offer you some nutrients and they tend to stay fresher for longer. Let us know in the comment section which foods you like and if we have missed any of your favorites.

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Best Foods To Take Camping

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