What To Wear Rock Climbing In The Fall?

What To Wear Rock Climbing In The Fall

Rock climbing or bouldering is two of the most draining activities you can do. They require plenty of fitness and when you have the right gear, you should be able to make life that much easier for yourself.

What to wear rock climbing in the fall?

Aside from the clothing, you will probably be using the same gear you were regardless of the time of the year you go rock climbing. The only real difference is in the clothing and with unpredictable fall temperatures, you will need to be prepared for almost anything. You need the perfect combination of gear to get you up safely.

If you are one of those that wonder which clothing and gear items you will need for rock climbing in the fall, you have come to the right place. This article aims to show you which clothing considerations you will need to make. We will also look at some of the most important features when looking for rock climbing clothing.

What To Wear Rock Climbing In The Fall?

During the day, you might find that temperatures are hot, as you have just got out of the summer months. However, the later it gets and the closer it gets to winter, the colder temperatures will become. You must keep this in mind to make sure that you find the right clothing and gear for the fall months.

Ideally, you would want to have something warm when you start climbing, but your warm clothing should be easy to take off as you start getting warm from the climbing. If you can find clothing the keeps you warm, but still wick away the sweat, it should be even more advantageous. However, it is always a balance between being too warm and being too cold when attempting outdoor activities in mixed seasons and temperatures.

Key Items You Will Need For Rock Climbing In The Fall

Now that you have a basic understanding of what will influence your choices and how the weather could play a role, you might want to look at some of the following options. We have created this as a checklist for you to see what the cost would be and what you might need when rock climbing in the fall. Here are some of the most important items.

1.      Helmet

Price: $50 – $100

Starting from the top, the helmet is one of the most important gear items that you can choose from. The helmet will protect from falling objects. However, you need to make sure that you find a comfortable helmet, which offers you additional protection for your head and it also should offer optimal ventilation for sweat evaporation.

Here is a great guide to help you pick the best rock climbing helmet for you

2.      Climbing Shirt

Price: $20 – $50

The climbing shirt is not as important, but you must find something comfortable. The shirt should sit well and it should not restrict your movement in any way. If you can find a tight-fitting shirt with optimal ventilation, it should be ideal to allow the sweat to pass through your shirt and offer ventilation.

3.      Climbing Pants

Price: Approximately $100

The next thing you are bound to look for is the right pants. Fortunately, training pants should be comfortable and offer you the breathability you will need. With the tighter fit, they should cling to your body and not hinder your movement. You must have the right climbing pants to ensure you have overall comfort.

4.      Climbing Shoes

Price: $50 – $200

Your climbing shoes are probably the most important item you need to look for. There are various climbing shoes on the market today and they vary from being flat to aggressive. As a beginner, you might not need aggressive shoes. However, you will be more likely to use them as you become experienced with rock climbing.

Here the buyers guide for picking the best rock climbing shoes for you

5.      Climbing Gear

In addition to spring clothing, you will need normal climbing gear like; climbing ropes. harness, carabiners, and so on.  Here is a full rock climbing gear list for beginners.

6.      Gloves

Price: $20 – $50

While gloves are by no means mandatory, it is often great to have gloves that will give you comfort and a better grip on the climbing rope. If you choose to use powder, you could save money from climbing gloves. However, they can be helpful if you deal with plenty of sweat. Be sure to look for gloves with optimal ventilation.

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Key Features To Look For In Climbing Gear

Now that you have a basic idea of what you will need to wear for rock climbing, you also need to look at some of the most important features. These features are almost mandatory to ensure that you get the right clothing for your needs. Here are some of the most important clothing features to keep in mind when buying rock-climbing clothes.


One of the most important things that you will need to keep in mind is the comfort levels of the clothing. Since you will be wearing them while you are actively climbing, you should ensure that they have the right level of comfort for your needs to ensure that you don’t get distracted or impeded by uncomfortable clothing.


While the temperatures might still be cold in the fall, you have to consider ventilation. As you are working out and climbing, you will build up a bit of sweat. Moisture-wicking technology can certainly be helpful in the situations and we recommend looking for clothing that will offer you optimal ventilation when needed.


Finally, we always have to consider the price and some of these clothing items can be a little bit expensive. You must find something affordable to ensure that you don’t break the bank. You can always get better and more expensive clothing as you become more experienced as a rock climber.


Rock Climbing In The Fall Summary

Rock climbing is not for the faint of heart and when you do it in the fall, you also have to compensate for various temperatures and conditions. While this might only be the clothing, it is also vital that you put the same effort into finding the right clothing as the gear. We look forward to reading some of your comments on the clothing to wear for rock climbing in the fall.

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