What To Wear When Indoor Rock Climbing?

What To Wear When Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is not only for the outdoors, and many people choose to apply their skills at local fitness centers or gyms. When you are looking at rock climbing, there are a few things to keep in mind the right clothing will make a difference. This is why you need to know what to wear when indoor rock climbing or, just casually, rock climbing.

The clothing is the same for indoor rock climbing as it is for most other forms. However, the shoes are still the most important part of the kit, and when you have the right shoes, you will have excellent grip and traction. The traction could allow you to climb on more uneven surfaces while mitigating some of the climbing weaknesses you might be hiding.

Since many beginners start with indoor rock climbing, it is no surprise that many of them wonder what the dress code is. The following article aims to let you know what is important and choose the right gear and clothing. With the right clothing and gear, you will find that the process is much faster and more efficient.

What To Wear When Indoor Rock Climbing?

If you plan to climb indoors, you will need to have the right clothing to ensure you don’t fall or become a climbing hazard. There are numerous things to choose from for your upper body, but a fitted t-shirt should do the trick depending on the conditions. You might want to wear something tighter if you don’t like dangling clothes.

As for the bottoms, loose-fitting pants can ensure breathability and be comfortable when scaling up the rock face. However, tights are also a good consideration for women, as they are the same as you would use when going to the gym. The important thing to keep in mind is they should not restrict your movement.

The shoes are the most important part of the clothing, and since you will put a lot of strain on them, it needs to be good-quality shoes that will make it possible for you to take on all these terrains. We would also recommend having climbing chalk to ensure you have a grip. Additionally, it will keep your hands from slipping off the stepping-stones.

Key Items To Consider When Indoor Rock Climbing

Now that you have read about some of the important clothing pieces, you will also need to look at the key items to consider for rock climbing. When you have the right clothing, your journey will be that much easier, and we would recommend the following as the basics. These basics will ensure that you can comfortably climb indoors:

Upper Body

Price Range: $50-$200

The upper body is not as important as the rest of your clothing, which gives you more versatility when selecting the right clothing for climbing. A sports bra is important for women while having either a loose t-shirt or a fitness bra. The goal is to ensure you have freedom of movement with your arms to reach in different directions.

For men, the upper body is very easy, and having a loose t-shirt should be more than enough to give you freedom of movement when you are climbing. Many people also choose second skin. However, these can be more expensive. It is important to also stick to your budget and keep the price as low as possible.

Lower Body

Price Range: $50-$200

The lower body is slightly more complicated, and there are more options that you will need to consider. One of these options is the tights that will stick to your body and still give you freedom of movement. However, they can restrict movement in certain situations, so you need to consider the materials and how much they can stretch.

A pair of loose shorts should be more than enough for men and women, especially as a beginner. Instead of spending so much money on lower body clothing, you can use the funds to improve your climbing skills or focus on the shoes, which are one of the most important parts of rock climbing.


Price Range: $170-$250

The most important part of your gear relates to footwear, and while there are cheap forms of footwear available for rock climbing, we recommend only the best brands. It is better to spend a lot of funds once, and you will have shoes that can be used throughout your climbing career and in different climbing locations.

The upper part of the shoe should be flexible and synthetic leather that has been treated should make for the perfect materials. As for the inner sole, we recommend looking at EVA, which molds to the shape of your feet. The outer sole is generally softer to allow it to mold into the grooves of the stepping-stones. However, gum rubber should be a great option to consider.

Here is our buyers guide for picking the best rock climbing shoes


Price Range: $10- $100

As for the accessories, you will want some form of a climbing helmet. However, it is not mandatory to have a helmet for indoor climbing, but safety is always at the top of the list when considering your life’s importance. There are numerous different helmets you could choose from, and they all vary in price.

Using gloves is a great way to mitigate sweat and moisture from your hands. However, you don’t need to wear gloves. If you plan to do the climbing without gloves, we would recommend that you consider climbing chalk. The purpose of the chalk and the gloves are to ensure your hands don’t slip as you are climbing.

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What To Wear When Indoor Rock Climbing Summary

Indoor rock climbing is fun, and having the right gear will make your journey easier. There are many different things to consider that will ensure you are protected and have the right gear for climbing. We hope that you have found all the information about indoor rock climbing you might need. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed anything important.

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